Now is the Time to Vote Third Party

The government needs to remember who’s the boss

Alfie Jane


Photo by visuals on Unsplash

My fellow Americans, we’ve been tricked. The two-party system that swears it’s fighting for us shows that the parties don’t care about us. They would rather fill their bank accounts.

For too long, we let Democrats and Republicans give us weak candidates to make themselves richer. We’re conditioned to believe the best choice is the lesser of two evils. As a result, we’re perpetually lowering the bar for qualified candidates.

And now, our election is looking like an episode of South Park. We’re seeing a Clown vs. Clown scenario that destroys the dignity of politics.

Look at your right

On the Republican side, there’s Donald Trump. His presidency alone brings out the worst of the Republican party. Since Day 1, he’s attacked the average American worker and done everything he can to keep his buddies rich and the average American suffering.

How can anyone say the economy is good when most Americans live paycheck to paycheck while drowning in debt?

Most people need multiple jobs to afford rent and to feed their families. Some scoff and say it’s poor choices, but it’s not. Most of these people are college graduates trying to find a job that pays well.

How can we say we’re leading when Trump tries so hard to repeal the Affordable Care Act? It has its problems, yes, but repealing it in the middle of a pandemic would do more harm than help.

And liberty and justice for all? I’ll believe that when old, white, straight cis-male Christians are held accountable for their actions.

The scariest part of the Trump presidency is the rise in anti-intellectualism, turning the country into the laughing stock of the world.

Now look at your left

The presumptive Democratic nominee is Joe Biden. The longer he stays frontrunner, the more the hypocrisy of the Democrats shows. His campaign weakens the party to the point people can’t take them seriously.

They’ll attack any politician accused of sexual assault on the right. But when Tara Reade speaks up and has credible evidence against…