Anyone Else Feel Like They’re Getting Punished For Voting Blue?

A judge blocked Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness program days after the election

Alfie Jane
5 min readNov 16, 2022


Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

Imagine waking up to a statement from the Education Department saying loan forgiveness got blocked. It’s how I found out. The Education Department and the Biden administration says they’ll appeal, but with the media already focusing on the next big thing, I’m not holding my breath.

Days after the election, Democrats celebrate having the highest voter turnout in decades. It’s still unclear who controls Congress as of this article, but Republicans are learning. Create a campaign based on hate, and you’ll lose.

Or so I thought. A Trump-appointed judge in Texas struck down Biden’s student loan forgiveness, saying it wasn’t constitutional. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but it feels like we’re getting punished.

Say what you want about whose fault it is. Whether you think it was Biden’s plan all along, or if it is Republican punishment; I don’t think anything is a coincidence. Democrats are celebrating while their largest voter base gets screwed over.

Enjoy The Ridiculousness Of The Situation

Another judge already froze the program, but you could still apply. Now, another judge struck it down. If you waited until now to go to the site, you can’t apply for loan forgiveness anymore.

First, six states tried to sue, saying they were losing revenue. That judge told them they don’t have a leg to stand on. States should be suing on behalf of the people, not on behalf of predatory loan companies!

When those states appealed, the judge from the next court froze the program to hear arguments.

In Texas, two plaintiffs sued because they didn’t fully qualify. One plaintiff had loans the Education Department didn’t own, and the other didn’t receive Pell Grants in college. They felt they didn’t have a say, so they could sue. Sounds like they wanted to exercise their greed to me.

That Texas judge agreed with them. And he struck down loan forgiveness, calling it unconstitutional.